Pacheco vs Mike Williams

Williams is healthy and has a good match up vs Pacheco who also has a good match up. Tuff choice.

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Pacheco. KC will run all over Houston

Do you need guaranteed points or are you going for the “boom”?

Guaranteed Points= Pacheco
Boom= Mike WIlliams

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I have the same exact problems you are having in my super flex league. I share 8 players with you and I’m starting both and am sitting swift this week. But I m usually wrong 70% of the time. Hope that helps. Hahahaa

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Teams that “run first” typically do much better against Houston. I wouldn’t expect Pacheco to have a bad day against Houston, just don’t expect 200 rushing yards. KC is a pass-first team.

On the other hand, Tennessee gives up mucho points to WR’s, to the point of being the worst NFL team against WR’s. The Chargers are also a pass-first team, and this matchup lends itself to a big day for those Charger WR’s.

I’d take Williams.

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I’m not disputing that statement - they are the best passing team in the league, in fact. But unlike other pass-heavy teams like the Bengals, Dolphins or Chargers, the Chiefs’ run game isn’t terrible. #17 in terms of rushing yards, and in positive game scripts, they tend to do quite a bit on the ground.


Good points by all in a very good discussion. TUFF choice.

Is it PPR? Pacheco is seeing slow but increasing tosses going his way and he should break the century mark and get in the endzone. Safe choice.

Williams could blow up for a huge game against that D.

I’m not sure I’d gamble on Pacheco as a pass catcher. Yes, he’s seeing 1-2 targets every game. But the pass catching back in KC is Jerick McKinnon. Who, since their week 8 BYE, saw 34 targets, compared to Pacheco’s 7.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs kept their game on the ground in second half, though. And that’s where Pacheco shines.

I’m not saying Pacheco is a bad play, only that Williams is a better play.

I’d be quite surprised to see Andy Reid go to a straight run-first offense. He will keep throwing it, even with a lead.

Pacheco looks to be a fairly safe 10-12 point scorer. Williams could go off for 20 vs Tenn.

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