Do I grab R White?

Help. I’ve been been getting crushed by my league’s 15 man roster, 4 RB limit PPR league policy. Lost Patterson & Swift to injury. Have been bouncing fill ins ever since and those 2 are still unusable. I’ve reached a crossroads where I basically need 1 more win to make the playoffs. I also have Jamar Chase on IR.
So this week I have K Drake & B Robinson starting with Swift & Patterson on the bench. I am extremely tempted to get Rachaad White, who has a bye this week. And this is my weakest league opponent matchup for that 1 win I need.
I think Patterson is done as the #1. I fear Swift may not outdo Williams. But I need points this week. What do you suggest?

I drop Patterson for White. I’m not crazy on starting Swift but would over Drake with the Gus Bus likely starting.

Short answer: yes, you should add White.

Long answer: yes, you absolutely should add Rachaad White. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do hate when you ramble on like that with two versions of the same answer. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why you wouldn’t start Patterson. He’s a top 20 PPR RB when healthy. Drake is a backup to the backup; if you’re going to drop anyone, drop him–and for God’s sake don’t START him.

Okay, so 1 of you says drop Patterson. One says he’s a top 20. My personal view is he is way behind Allgeier carrying the ball and a non-factor in the passing game. A 31 year old coming off knee surgery and they have him returning kicks. None of it makes sense and I have no time to lose. Swift obviously has big upside as evidenced prior to the injury, but now he hardly even plays. Patterson has the ability, but a big shared committee and a bad QB. Robinson is playing Houston & Atlanta next, so he could give me 15 pts. Drake was great last game and I’m hoping he’s still the main guy in Gus’s first game back.

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See me on Monday. End of story.

If you watched the Falcons game last week, Patterson looked better than any of the other RB’s, but his touches were limited. I expect the Falcons will probably increase his touches as the season progresses.

He’s not, and adding 13 characters to make this a legal reply won’t change that.

I don’t know that they will, because Patterson is also a little on the fragile side. But he IS the best RB they have, and the best pass-catcher out of the backfield, and it doesn’t really matter if he only gets 10 touches per game if 2 of them are TDs.

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Well, this was a bad, bad weekend to evaluate RBs. Patterson put up 8 points as an RB. The kick return is an aberration. No Gus Williams and Drake puts up 7. Brian Robinson was set up for a good game vs Houston and put up 5. Swift managed 12 pts on 8 touches in spite of Williams being given the touchdowns. Disaster. And yet I still clinched a playoff spot because my opponent got a combined 16 pts from Joe Mixon & Dalvin Cook. The best team in our league got a combined 9 points from Barkley & Pierce.
So anyhow, I dropped Patterson and grabbed White prior to the games. I really like him, but he got 10 of the 33 rushing attempts and had 2 targets. And that’s with Huntley as a non-factor. Just not good enough.
Now I will be playing Swift and White. I have 3 weeks for my team to get healthy for the playoffs. Fields, Chase, Toney, Reynolds. Boyd is **** as the fill in for Chase by the way.

It was the best move available. I still would not trust Swift…

I think 19 points by Rachaad was pretty sweet. And not even a TD…