Latest trade: Moore for Adams

In a half point PPR dynasty league, I got a trade offer that I jumped on: I was offered Davante Adams for DJ Moore. Even with their age difference (30 vs. 26), the receiving numbers don’t lie:

DJ Moore: 118 targets, 63 catches, 888 yards, 7 td’s
Davante Adams: 180 targets, 100 catches, 1516 yards, 14 td’s

Does anyone think Moore is going to go to Chicago, a QB killer town, and do better? Even with Adams regressing due to age, I will take my chances there.

I think he could have gotten more for Adams.

Oh wait…

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Actually I remember seeing a clickbait headline in one of the email newsletters I get recently that said, “YOU’RE TOO LOW ON DJ MOORE!”

He must have gotten the same email.

I think you got a VG deal for this year but gave up a couple years after that to him with DJ, who is a FA next year if memory serves. A fair trade.

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