Draft strategy when league rules deviate from default scoring

In a new league this year (10 person standard) and in reviewing the scoring I noticed two changes from the default Yahoo scoring. QB’s get 6 points per throwing TD (instead of 4) and return yards are treated just like rushing and receiving yards (ie 1 point per 10 yards). Would this change your draft strategy to get a QB sooner? Are there any particular players you would suddenly value more given the return yards points?

Eh, it helps QBs a little bit, but relative to each other, they all stay pretty much the same. The main thing that is affected is that it kind of takes away a little of the advantage of having a QB that rushes for a TD every other week, because now those rushing TDs score the same as his passing TDs.

Other teams will probably be a little more anxious to get their QB though, so the price you’d have to pay to get a Mahomes will probly be at least a second- or early third-rounder. I’d probly still wait until the double-digit rounds to draft a QB in a 10 team single-QB league.

That return yardage thing can be huge, though. 1 pt. per 10 yards? Guys like Tyler Lockett will probly add a couple more points per week to their score, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind when considering two players of otherwise equal value.

You can see the current PRs and KRs around the league here: 2021 NFL Depth Charts By Position | Ourlads.com

So have not figured out how to setup Fantasypros cheatsheets for FFPC and the TE getting 1.5 ppr. Any guidance?