DeShaun Watson thoughts

Thoughts on this…I have Hurts with our playoffs looming a few weeks out (feeling likely I’ll make it). Do you think there’s enough risk that he may get rested if they secure a bye early enough to where I should hang onto Watson OR do I trade Watson to shore up RB/Flex options. No offers yet but probably could pick up a Chris Godwin/Tee Higgins or maybe a RB to fill in my pretty weak flex options right now. Targeted team is going to have to bench Brissett and go waiver wire this week for his QB.

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Do you have another backup QB? If Hurts gets hurt, you’ll need a solid QB for the playoffs, and Watson probably gives you more potential than a waiver wire pickup.

Looking at the NFC playoff picture, the Eagles have a 2 game lead over the Cowboys in their division, assuming the Eagles don’t fall into any trap games before they play on Christmas Eve. Also, the Eagles are only a game ahead of the Vikings for top seed in the playoffs. But let’s assume for the sake of argument the Eagles win out, and they get to week 17 against the Saints. Would they start sitting players that early? Only if they have a comfortable 3 game lead, or a two game lead with tiebreakers. Winning every game including the one against the Cowboys gets them a good conference record cushion, so losing the last two games wouldn’t kill them.

There’s a whole lot of things that have to go right for the Eagles before they get to week 17. If the Vikings are still a game behind them, then the Eagles will have to win at least one of their last two games.

Personally, I just don’t feel comfortable trying to predict all the possibilities of what playoff contenders will do with the last 2 weeks of the season. But I also think if you’re trading away Watson, you should be able to ask for more than Godwin or Higgins.

Thanks. Regardless, probably a good “chip” to have in my pocket to either trade or have as a backup. I guess no need to rush into anything his first week back. I’d say odds are his value only goes up vs. down.

I make the trade with no second thoughts. I never liked keeping a player in case of injury in place of one who can help me win. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. I play to win.

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I don’t want to rely on waiver wire fodder at QB during championship week. If I can plug in Watson during the playoffs if needed, I like that option.

I’m certainly not trading him for “just good” WR’s. I can get WR3’s with high upside off waivers. If I need a WR, I’m asking for elite.

I might settle for a good RB though, since RB depth is always nice to have.