AJ Brown for Justin Jefferson?

I have AJ Brown and was offered Justin Jefferson for him. I am top of the league so I should make playoffs, but the top 2 teams get a bye and that would be nice. Should I take this trade? Will JJ be better than AJ overall remainder of the season?

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If this were dynasty, I’d take it in an instant. JJ has more long term potential.

But for redraft, that’s a lot tougher. It’s tempting to consider Josh Dobbs throwing to JJ. But the Vikings defense is playing better lately, so there might not be as many shootouts for them. But the Eagles defense is fairly solid too (did they just shutout the Chiefs in the 2nd half?). All that said, I would expect to see the Vikings in more shootouts than the Eagles. Plus the Eagles have more and better weapons than the Vikings, meaning more opportunities for JJ than AJ.

I am gonna lean towards JJ here, but it’s almost a coin toss.

yeah it is redraft, so it’s a very interesting trade. Dobbs definitely throws less than cousins but JJ has higher ceiling and less alternates on his team. Thanks for your input

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I have Brown and he’s been a stalwart the whole season, still with his primary QB. The Dobbs to Jefferson combo has yet to be realized.

JJ is still not cleared to play which can cost a bye and has a 2nd tier QB while AJ is on a SB run with a top 3 QB. Easy choice in redraft for me.

I would rather Brown