Davante Adams...trade or hold in Dynasty?

12 Team…30man rosters with IDP…20 round slow draft starts Monday.

The league talent is fairly spread out so I’ll be in contention. I placed 2nd last year with this core group.

Question is: I have an offer on the table for Davante Adams. The Vegas odds news of Aaron Rogers retiring has made me nervous on Adams value.

Adams for the 1.11 pick + a 1st next year (would be an early 1st). I DO NOT have a 1st of my own next year. I own the 1.08 this year.

If I move Adams then I will clearly be building for the future & will move Darren Waller as well for a 1st.

My Team (1 QB start…1 PPR…5 FLEX…with IDP)

QB: Stafford, Hurts
RB: Gibson, Swift
WR: Adams, Diontae, Mooney, Gabe Davis
TE: Waller
DE: Young

With the 1.08; I’ll probably be able to get Javonte Williams or Jaylen Waddle

Do I move Adams for two 1sts, & just do tear down moving Waller for a future 1st as well?

Or do I hold hoping Adams pays off with Jordan Love at QB. This recent Aaron Rogers news has made me nervous.

First off, don’t trade Waller. He still has lots of good years left in him. he might be the second best TE in football. Unless you can get an early enough pick to get Kyle Pitts, there’s no reason to trade Waller.

Second, Adams is still the alpha WR in Green Bay. Whether it’s Rodgers or Love, Adams will get his targets, period. With your 1.08 this year, get the best player available. Either of the two you mentioned would be good, although I’d recommend Javonte if you can get him there. However, there is another aspect more concerning that Rodgers: Adams does have an injury history, albeit not severe, but it is there. If you can get 2 1rst round picks for him, one of them would need to be a top 3 pick to make it worthwhile. Personally, I’d want that top 3 pick to be THIS year. That would be my sticking point.