My Current Roster: Any suggestions on how to make it stronger this off-season

Any suggestions on trades to make my team stronger or should I stay out. Just looking for some outside opinions

2 QB Dynasty League (PPR)

QB- Aaron Rodgers
QB- Russ Wilson
RB: Aaron Jones
RB: Miles Sanders
WR: D. Adams
WR. Keenan Allen
WR: Amari Cooper
TE: Travis Kelce
Flex: Chris Godwin

Mike Thomas
Rashod Bateman
Justin Fields
D. Henderson
Sam Darnold
AJ Dillon
Corey Davis

QB - both your starters are shaky. Rodgers may stay in Green Bay for another year or three, but you should start thinking about a replacement. If Justin Fields is the answer remains to be seen. I’m not as high on him as many analysts are, but I agree it’s too early to write him off. Sam Darnold is more likely to be a write-off, though.

RB - Aaron Jones reached the dreaded age of 27, which is the time by which most RBs start regressing and get injured more often. If you can get top dollar for him, it may be a good time to trade him away this offseason. Sanders looked terrible this season, even when healthy. Right now, Dillon is your only safe option. Prioritize the RB position during the draft.

WR - Adams is a free agent, and it’s not sure if the Packers will bring him back. He will find a job for sure, but he will also be 30 next season. He’s not a sure-fire WR1 anymore. Neither is Keenan Allen, who is also heading into his age-30 season. Amari Cooper is a WR2/3 only when looking at his season stats. If you look at the weekly ones, you will see that he had only 3 strong weeks. I don’t like that sort of production, will try to trade him away myself this offseason. Michael Thomas is a complete wildcard. As it stands, Godwin is your only safe bet on WR, especially if the Bucs decide to keep him (he’s a free agent) and Brady plays for another year.

TE - They tend to have a longer shelf life than RBs, but at age 33, you can’t be sure for how much longer he will be a guarantee to win the TE game in your league.

In general, your team is pretty old and your top players are all bound for regression. You can try to ride the wave for another year, but my suggestion would be to try a turnaround. Your team is lacking young talent, you have hardly any players that I would consider safe beyond the 2022 season. You definitely need to win the next 2 rookie drafts if you want your team to be a contender.


To second what Zak said, looking over your roster, my first thought was “get younger”. Bateman, Fields, Dillon, and Davis are good starts, but you need more. All your positions need a youth injection.