Keeper- Adams or J. Taylor

I have the option to keep D. Adams @2.03 or J. Taylor @3.10. It is a PPR League and 12 team league.

I’d go with Adams. The Packers have a better offense than Indy, plus Adams is an elite receiver. We saw what that means last year.

What draft pick do you have? If you’re late in the first round, you’d have a shot at drafting a WR like Adams (or maybe Hill or Diggs) at that same 2.03 slot anyway, in which case I would definitely keep Taylor as a late third-round pick.

Will most likely have the 10th pick. There is a chance that I can pick Adams up in the first round @10 (he would definitely be gone after) but was wondering if he is more valuable at that 2.03 and maybe having a shot at someone else in the first. Diggs and Hill wont be available I am almost certain ( Diggs is a keeper and a Chiefs fan in front of me). If someone ahead of me decides to pick Adams then I will either have to pick between Ekeler, Gibson, Ridley, Hopkins, or Harris in the first round.

You have good options there at 2.03. If you want a receiver, Ridley and Hopkins are in the Adams/Hill/Diggs territory. The RB’s there aren’t bad either. If you want to and can grab Adams at 1.10, it’s not a bad choice.