Commish trade adice needed...veto or no?

Second place team gives up Chris Godwin and gets Cedee Lamb from last place team (who also has Dak)… Fair ??? Let it go thru or veto??? Thanks!!!

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This certainly leaves an aftertaste. It may not be enough for a veto, though. Lamb ranks #8 in FantasyPro’s half-PPR ROS ranking, Godwin #14.

And if you disregarded Lamb’s standout performance in week 10, his recent scoring isn’t actually any better than Godwin’s:

Week Lamb Godwin
5 7.8 9.3
6 10.2 12.5
7 8.6 8.0
8 16.3 10.5
9 BYE 7.2
10 (35.5) 16.1
11 7.0 BYE
Avg 14.2 (10.0) 10.6

Yet still, I see absolutely zero incentive for the Lamb owner to make this trade. I wouldn’t veto it, but would ask both sides to elaborate. Especially why the Lamb owner thinks this is a good deal for him.

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They both have similar downsides. Lamb has better upside, which is what makes the deal suspicious. Sadly, I’m not sure there is enough here to reject the deal outright.

If ever there was a reason why I prefer dynasty to redraft, trades like this are it. Even a losing team, while making a deal like this, would grab a draft pick to make it more reasonable, perhaps a 3rd or 4th round pick.

I would not veto. Players are comparable, but situations are better for Lamb.

No veto, no way, Waay too many managers get involved in the trades of others out of jealousy or because they did not make a similar offer. Advice from the main Yahoo Commissioner from years ago when I did not know any better.

I’m going to pick on my German friend a bit to make a point. Zak did not like my trade of Jameson and Kirk for a #1 pick. He would not veto but did not like it.

Kirk is a top 10 scorer at WR and Jameson has All Pro talent and my #1 pick “could be” Robinson. Dynasty managers would be up in arms.

My question to all is why? First rounders flop half the time.

Same for those who question trade because they do not know any better. Worry about your your own team and your ability to make trades. Just my view.

Since you are talking trades Joe, you complain about my trade offers? Yet you traded away a 1st round pick for a 14th round pick? Then a 4th round pick for a 13th round pick?

If you want, give me a 2nd round pick and I’ll toss you another 15th round pick? :wink:

As always Ed, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and always funny to pick on someone who does not know any better, although not a nice thing to do.

IF you read my league wide email you would know that these trades were the second half of prior trades. So, you did not see that or even my reply just before you giving te full trade on one. The other included Pickens a star in the makings.

I made 3 trades of late with 3 different managers recently with another in the works. All were very much fun with good exchanges of fair offers.

You have much to learn.

I have much to learn? You need to learn how to do trades right the first time!

The trades did not change, just the processing. Blind shots really suck but, I guess if ya got nothing better and want to still see your name you have to do it.

Kinda sad.

Ed, if ya keep this up I may have to start talkin to 'lil elfie with the better posts.

I can confirm that nothing was fishy with the Pickens trade. Yahoo is odd when it comes to trades that involve draft picks. They insist that the same number of picks is in the deal on both sides of the trade.

Why they do that is beyond me, as it should cause no problems. If a team has more picks than they can execute, the last pick(s) will be voided. And if a team has less picks than bench spots, you leave the draft with an empty bench spot that you can then fill via the waiver wire / free agency.

Alas, Yahoo didn’t allow what we had in mind, so Joe had to doctor a little to make things work. Might look fishy in the transactions tab, but in the end, it was indeed what we had agreed upon before executing the trade, except for the fact that Joe had to send a late-round pick my way, to make Yahoo happy.


Thanks Zak and you questioned me on the 1st round pick and I answered. It was a fair question.

I had a trade last year which caused a 5 year league to disband

If you recall, Cook was injured late in the season and was said to be out for 2 games and maybe the year.

I offered Etienne on IR and Stevenson for him. The trade deadline was a day off, the trade team was out of the playoffs and had no other offers. We did not allow keepers in the 1st and 2nd. So, he would have gotten nothing.

My offer was abused by 2 other managers claiming cheating, etc. and caused quite a commotion.

I stated that Etienne would be a starting RB and Stevenson would be a flex who would be a starter. They called me crazy saying that both were nothing more than fair bench players.

Sheep split the league after 5 years together.

Just an example of what trades can do.

I made a dynasty trade last year that, months later, stirred the pot a little.

In week 8 (2021), a team that was on the playoff bubble had an injury problem on RB and was actively looking for a multiple-week replacement.

I was pretty deep on RB and felt I could afford trading an RB away, even though I was on a title run (successfully, as it turned out later). So I offered him Myles Gaskin, who was Miami’s lead back at that time, and a pretty solid fantasy option, performing as a mid-range to low-end RB2. He was interested.

I wasn’t interested in any of his players, at least none that he could have afforded to trade away. A potentially late 2nd wasn’t enough for me. So I offered him a pick swap in exchange for Gaskin: I got his 1st, he got the 2nd of a team that was also on the playoff bubble.

That trade could have gotten either way for me. He could have made the playoffs, making his 1st a late one. The value of the second was also t.b.d. Worst case, I’d end up having traded up only a few spots in the draft.

But my trade partner missed the playoffs by 1 game, and then easily won the toilet bowl with his solid roster. So in the end, I had traded away the 2.04 and got the 1.01 in exchange. Jackpot.

That caused some grief as the 2022 draft approached. Other owners researched how I came to hold the 1.01 despite having won the title in the year before. And now felt that the trade had been unfair. Especially since Gaskin had meanwhile been benched.

In hindsight, it was highway robbery. But at the time of the trade, it could have gone either way. I took a gamble and hit the jackpot. Traded up from #16 to #1 in the draft by giving up a now-worthless player. But I could also have ended up trading up from #13 to #10 by giving up a solid, startable RB.

When multiple players or future picks are involved, it gets increasingly difficult to evaluate trades.

Absolutely true and all you can do is depend on research or that of others and opinion. It is disturbing when some take shots with nothing more than opinion.

Take my trade for a #1 pick, I gave up Kirk, the #1 in Jax and top 10 scorer at WR
and Jameson Williams who every analyst called the best WR in last year’s draft.

In return I get a #1 pick from a team in last place by a game. There are still 3 games left and the consolation games to determine the draft order. That pick can be 1 or 4.

The bigger risk is on me not my trading partner but who cares of fack and knowledge when bitchin and moanin is sooo much easier. :slight_smile: