New commish advice


A trade has been agreed in my league (im the commish) and I think it looks a bit odd, looking for some advice on what to do.

The trade:
Josh Allen
Mark Andrews
JK Dobbins


Russell Wilson
Dalton Schultz
AJ Dillon

Is this clear cut collusion, or should I put it to a vote?

Much appreciated.

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It’s an extremely one-sided deal. Allen easily has twice the trade value Wilson has. Andrews is more valuable than Schultz. Dobbins and Dillon are close, but with a slight edge for Dobbins.

I wouldn’t allow it. The Allen owner has no incentive whatsoever to accept this trade. This reeks of collusion.

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The ranking from one side to the other are not in the same zip code. :slight_smile: However, I would not accuse collusion as it creates animosity and problems, I would block the trade telling both sides it is too one sided and must be restructured.

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Now I’m presented with a rather tough trade in one of my own leagues.

12 team dynasty, 1 QB, full PPR

Team 1 gets:
Deebo Samuel

Team 2 gets:
2022 1.06
2023 1st (likely mid)
2024 2nd (likely mid)

I think that’s quite the overpay on Deebo, but probably still within acceptable limits. I lean towards accepting the trade, though I have to admit it does give me some headaches.

What do you think?

Well, if you think about it, Samuel for a simple first round rookie draft pick isn’t a fair trade. So you add in another first (possibly mid?), if that’s a first round pick than that would be a fair trade I guess. Throw in a 2nd another year later?

No big deal. I call it fair enough. Just my opinion. I wouldn’t touch it. Either side could win big on that trade. Or lose.

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Pass. No value there in my view.

I’ve Commishioned several leagues for ~15 years.

My advice: ALWAYS put it to a vote. Your league should be a democratic republic. Not a dictatorship.

Some owners are just fans of certain players and want those guys. Some owners are just bad. It’s your job to make sure the owners in your leagues are competitive and create rules that allow for replacing those guys. Not just overturning trades you don’t agree with. Just my opinion

I looked at this a little differently. Josh Allen is off my board this year because I believe he is overpriced and with Russell Wilson’s new team, I think he’ll outproduce Allen. Mark Andrews will not replicate his numbers from last year. There will be regression. Dalton Schultz is on the rise. Many targets to go around in Dallas and not many target magnets. I prefer Schultz over Andrews this year. AJ Dillon has stand-alone value greater than JK Dobbins in my opinion.

So, while most here are saying it’s a lop-sided trade. I see it differently. I could see myself wanting to trade for Wilson and Schultz.

Why would you “reject” a trade? These are two grown individuals playing this game. Let them do what they want. I hate the idea of a commissioner having to approve trades or the league voting on trades. People will vote to what best suits their individual situations. They can’t help themselves.

If collusion ever comes up, you can deal with that by undoing what has been done. Collusion looks like this:

Josh Allen for Gardner Minshew

I refer to upper management at Yahoo who told me years ago that trades should almost always be left alone. Chances are the one complaining is jealous and looking for trouble.

If you look weak, game lost. Need an immediate and strong response of you will be accused of cheating as well. NO VOTE, you need control.

My decision is final. Anyone pushing this will be suspended for a week. End of Story,

Beg your pardon? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


  1. Allen: 4,407 passing yards, 36 PTDs, 763 yards rushing, 6 RTDs

  2. R Wilson: 3,113 passing yards, 25 PTDs, 183 yards rushing, 2 RTDs

  3. Broncos (Bridgewater + Lock combined): 3839 pyds, 20 PTDs, 159 ryds, 4 RTDs

Maybe Russell can come close to Allen’s 4,300+ passing yards. Maybe even to the 36 passing TDs. Both seems a bit optimistic to me, but I have him at 4,100+ yards and 30 TDs, so it wouldn’t be a miracle if he got 4,300 + 36.

But I see no way how a 33 year old QB playing in an offense with the best RBBC in the league by far could come even close to Allen’s production on the ground. And without that, Russ would need 5,500+ yards passing and 45+ TDs to bypass Allen. That would be a miracle.

Who are the target magnets in Baltimore that will cause Mark Andrews’ regression?

People bring buddies (or even shadow accounts) into the league, suck their team dry, dominate the league, and the other team gets abandoned. A year later, the league is dead.

Been there, done that. “Everything goes” is the best way to ruin a dynasty league. I had to remove an owner from my main dynasty league because he ran his team straight into the ground. If out of cluelessness or with malicious intent, I don’t know. Probably a combination of both. The fella who thankfully took the team over is still rebuilding.

I joined another dynasty league 2 years ago, because I had liked the way the commish had advertised a vacant team: no assets, no draft picks - the team was a wreck. ‘Only take over if you know what you are getting yourself into’, he said, and so I did. Next year, that team might have a chance to make the playoffs.

Finding a dedicated owner for these run-down teams is a nightmare, and more often than not, the only solution is to downsize the league. And that’s a one-way street.

Putting trades up for a public vote is indeed not a good idea. I will do that with every decision regarding the league, but not if I feel that some owners are intentionally harming the league, or playing foul.