What are yout thoughts on this vetoed trade

I was trading R. Stevenson, M. Pittman, and Dak for
A St. Brown and Joe Mixon

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Welcome aboard!

This trade does seem a little unbalanced to me.

St. Brown and Pittman are similar in value, but that’s where it ends. Stevenson is easily a better value than Mixon, mainly due to age. And then there is Dak, kind of hanging out there as the final straw in this unbalanced trade.

I won’t go as far as to say it should be vetoed, but I can understand why.

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I see no reason to reject that deal. St Brown is better than Pittman, Mixon is better than Stevenson and Dak adds balance.

In a 1QB redraft league in which you have a better QB than Dak, that trade can make sense. It’s certainly not balanced, but a trade does not have to be balanced to make sense for both sides.

Certainly not a trade I’d veto.

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My better bye QBs were Mariota and Wilson. :slight_smile:

I can’t see any reason for a commish to shoot this down. What reason can he give?

Maybe the poster will give us more info.

Just because you were getting the better deal is no reason to veto the trade.

Too bad you couldn’t pull it off due to a jealous commish or something.