2 QB Mandatory - 1st overall pick?

Guys, I need your opinion. I am in a 2-QB mandatory league, which is a bit different than superflex. I have been given the gift of the 1st overall pick. Should I take Mahomes or McCaffrey? It is a Snake draft, PPR, 12 teams, and not a dynasty league. Thank you guys!!

Tough call but I’d go Cafe. There’s more quality depth at QB then a top of the line RB.

I figure you can get like a Ryan Tannehill and Matt Stafford combo at the 2-3 split if you wanted

Yeah, counterintuitively, 2 QB leagues axually DEvalue QBs to some extent. The reason is that your QB score is now an average of 2 QBs, and not the product of a single stud. Mahomes vs. Matt Ryan is a whole different story from Mahomes and Darnold vs Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan–the advantage of having Mahomes is virtually erased.

So I’d go with the stud RB. That said, CMC is the consensus #1 overall pick (not to mention coming off of a major injury), and he therefore has very little chance of finishing the season as the #1 overall performer. Derrick Henry has the best chance of finishing the season as the #1 overall performer, so I would take him. Ezekiel Elliott has the second-best chance, and then CMC is probably third. So choose wisely.

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