Chubb and Gibson

In a PPR 12-team snaking redraft, I have been practicing with the last pick in the first round. Lately, I see Nick Chubb and Antonio Gibson both falling to that spot. With the 1.12 and 2.1, I can’t resist grabbing both of them, even with top tier receivers falling there too. I know it screws up my overall grade, but I’m not walking away from two first round RB’s. Sadly, I doubt I’ll see that in my actual fantasy draft Friday.

Some of the players I passed up include Darren Waller, Davante Adams, Stefon Diggs, and Calvin Ridley. Any of these guys could outperform Chubb and/or Gibson, but getting 2 RB’s with top 5 potential is just too rich an opportunity to pass up, even for a sure thing like Waller or Adams. I can get WR’s later with top 5 potential, but RB’s like that are harder to find, especially ones with a solid floor.

Any thoughts?

Well, neither Chubb nor Gibson have top 5 potential, as they are both mired in committee backfields, but Chubb is at least minimally worthy of a pick at the first turn. If you want to add a RB with top 5 potential, you could probly draft Najee Harris at the turn to go with Chubb (and then you can name your team the Hairy Chubbys).

In the first place, Gibson isn’t mired in a committee backfield.

As for Chubb, if Kareem Hunt were to get injured, Chubb easily has top 5 potential.

Well, what do you call it when several different running backs for the same team get touches during a game? He’s mired in one of those.

If Derrick Henry gets injured, Darrynton Evans has potential. I’m still not drafting him at the first turn.

Curious what your WRs end up looking like when you execute this scenario.

I call it “preseason”.

The difference is that Chubb is getting the bulk of the carries. Evans isn’t. Chubb has a nice floor built in, even if Hunt doesn’t get hurt. Comparing Chubb to Evans is a true apples to oranges comparison.

Ok, what do you call it during the regular season?–he’s in one of those.

The point is that you shouldn’t draft in anticipation of an injury; you should draft on the basis of the most likely scenario.

RB’s get rested occasionally. And Gibson was in an RBBC at the start of last season, then started getting more touches as the season progressed.

As I said, an injury is the upside scenario. But even without it, Chubb has a great floor.