Drafting 12th PPR

Debating on whether to go Wr/Wr or Wr/Rb could looking like AJ Brown and Lamb or Brown and Chubb. What are y’all thoughts

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It depends on who is still on the board at that point, but there should still be plenty of solid RBs at the 3/4 turn this year, whereas that area of the draft is kind of Death Valley for WRs.

So barring something like Bijan Robinson falling to you or something, I would prefer going WR/WR at that point.

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Welcome aboard!

If Chubb is there, I’d grab him. With Kareem Hunt gone, there isn’t anyone to scarf touches from Chubb, and he could be in for a huge season.

I am assuming this is redraft. Another possibility is to consider TE Travis Kelce if he drops to you.

Lamb over Brown and Chubb.

At 3/4 you should see WRs Metcalf, Cooper, Alen, Debo and Ridley.
RBs Etienne, Gibbs, Walker and Sanders.

Silly to say there will be no WRs but happens when anyone thinks they can give advice. lol

Are you kidding? After the elite WR’s, the potential upside from WR’s is still high. An RB like Chubb is hard to find. Give me Chubb at the end of the first, if he’s still there.

I was agreeing with a 1 and 1 but not that there are no WRS at 3/4. Read what I said.

He wasn’t last year. From the Browns’ Week 9 bye through the Week 17 end of the fantasy playoffs, Chubb was the RB17 in PPR scoring, breaking 13 fantasy points only twice.

And the bad news is that last year is probably the best year we will ever see from Chubb–he had career highs in rushing attempts, rushing yardage, touchdowns and fantasy points–and “more involvement in the passing game” will certainly be needed, as even with all those career highs, Chubb would have needed something like 30 more receptions to seriously threaten RB3 status.

Chubb has averaged between 15.5 and 17.5 ppg for 4 years straight, including last year’s 16.6–but now suddenly everyone wants to draft him a full round sooner than ever before–after the dropoff we saw late last season?

Chubb at the 1st turn vs Mixon/AJones at the 3rd turn is about a push in PPR, but I’d rather have Lamb/ARSB at WR than Metcalf/Deebo.