Way Too Early Fantasy All Pro Picks?

PFF put up their picks overall with fantasy only:

QB- Hurts

RB- Chubb

WR- Kupp

WR- AJ Brown

TE- Kelce

Flex- Hill

Agree or disagree?

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PPR scoring?

None of these picks is outrageous, but I’d still select a few different names.

QB - Josh Allen (has a better late-season schedule than Hurts)

RB - Najee Harris (if he gets just a few more targets from Pickett than he did from Trubisky; his ROS schedule is pretty soft)

WR - Cooper Kupp, no questions asked

WR - Justin Jefferson (his schedule is a mixed bag, but I think he’s game-script proof

TE - Andrews (same number of targets, but younger)

Flex - Hill/Waddle, whoever will be ahead at the end of the season

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Hurts and Allen are a coin toss apart.

Chubb will come back to earth after Deshaun Watson becomes QB. Who becomes the best RB is anyone’s guess at this point. Maybe Saquon, but only if he stays healthy.

Kupp is a no-brainer. Gotta love Brown too.

At TE, Andrews is owning it.

For flex, how about Stefon Diggs? He is quietly having a good year.

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Indeed. His ROS schedule doesn’t look too bad, either.

Absolutely, especially if Tua misses more time. Word from Miami is they consider placing him on IR, which would certainly be a blow for Hill & Waddle.

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I believe so but do not know for fact on PPR.

Jackson had the one bad game or may be on top and Herbert had the injury and lost his top WR. Have a top 5 QB and you are in great shape.

Barkley is my RB for now.

Kupp and JJ at WR

Andrews at TE

AJ in the flex.