NFL Changing of the Guard at RB in 2023

The anticipation of the out with the old, in with the new at RB in the NFL has been floating around for the last couple of years. I believe that time has finally arrived. A number of top RBs are FAs, expected cap cuts and projected diminished playing time.

A partial list is Sanders, Fournette, Mixon, Cook, Zeke, Henry, Kamara, Singletary, Montgomery and more with question marks.

This will wreak havoc (and not from Hamburg) on fantasy managers. Time to decide if you will go to guys like Perine, Mattison, Herbert and Cook or try to get one more year in holding onto what you have.

Gonna be a hell of a ride this off season.

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I’m surprised you didn’t mention Josh Jacobs. Regardless of whether he stays in Vegas or goes elsewhere, he is on my “about to hit the cliff hard” list. Not because of his age, but rather because of his touches. Anything above 370 is a warning sign. He had 393 last season. Jacobs isn’t Derrick Henry. Then again, Henry isn’t Henry any more!

Seriously, the changing of the guard at RB is something to expect every year. If you hold onto an RB too long, you’re stuck with him until he’s worthless. I have James Conner in a few leagues (he was there when I got the dynasty teams), and I know there is no trading him. He’s a decent backup, when healthy.

Honestly, most RB’s hit a cliff at 27ish, depending on usage. 3rd down backs can last longer, since they are just stocky WR’s. RB’s who get usage like Austin Ekeler seem to last a lot longer.

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I left Jacobs for you. My horrible trade may not be as horrible as thought. lol

We have not seen much change the last few years but this off season I am seeing that teams are actually looking to move on from the aging RBs.

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