Keeper question full ppr-10 man

Drafting 9th in a rather competitive and knowledgeable 10 man full ppr league, do you guys think Derek Henry is worth keeping for the loss of my first round pick?

Um, he’s only the best player in fantasy football.

Welcome aboard! Please ignore the Derrick Henry groupie.

That said, while Henry is technically a good value pick with the 9th pick in the 1st round, last season was a warning of injuries to come if he continues at the blistering pace he was on for the last 2 seasons.

Sadly, you can’t trade him for value now. What you can do is keep him, and then trade him away after the draft, probably for more than just a 1st round pick too!

You won’t win the league, but you can cackle about the great trade you made until at least October.

Which is about when Henry will be hurt again, and then you can REALLY crow about it!

Just something to consider, wasn’t Henry’s injury a broken bone in his foot? If so, more or less a freak injury and not necessarily related to an aging work horse, I just can’t decide if there will be a better option available at the 9th pick and RB is the one position I always have zero luck with, debating going the zero RB strategy this season :joy:

I do not like taking Henry but at #9 cannot really pass. I could face the same decision at #10 which is why I went through this. :slight_smile: