Changing of the Guard Coming?

A couple of years ago the media started to believe that the end was coming for many elder players who were at or close to what the norm had been for a players decline. They advised to avoid these “over the hill” players.

Fans ignored and so did the Elders,

Same a year ago with the same result. Guys like Kelce, Henry, Ekeler, CMC, Adams, Diggs, Rogers and many more defied Father Time once again.

This year, few are talking after being embarrassed the last two years. Conversely, I believe the time is here for the “Changing of the Guard” for many of the Elders.
I regretfully finally see the end of careers of many HOF players as we have known them in their last hurrah.


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Inevitable. I think Kelce and Henry for sure are on borrowed time. Rodgers too.

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Kelce’s hyperextended knee speaks to your statement.

The only one on your list who might have another year or two is CMC. He got an abusive amount of work as a Panther, and it seems like the 49ers have cut his workload enough for him to survive for awhile.

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We talked about this with Zak some time back and I do see Father Time’s day of reckoning finally coming.

These players have done one hell of a job in staying on top this long, with multi
millions of reasons to do so. I don’t see most doing it past this year , if that. The injuries and extended recovery times have to come into play.

I expect most of dynasty rankings to replace redraft next off season.

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Dynasty rules! I have honestly given up on redraft. Dynasty is the true challenge.