Championship Week Playoff FF Pool

Scores for the Division round and total points (entrants ordered by total points)

SoBe717 - 131.05/299.85
kevinhalla - 103/279.55
ZakHH - 103.25/272.05
edmcgon - 103.24/264.24
Richmond Webb - 77.65/253.7
blffan4 - 83.65/246.05
August 12 - 80.35/235.1

For this week, you must choose 2 players from each of the remaining 4 teams to complete your lineup (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, D). Please submit your lineup to my email ( by 1:30p Sunday. Best of luck to all.

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Winning lineup sent. I hope.

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Hamburg Havoc

QB - Jalen Hurts (PHI)

RB - Christian McCaffrey (SF)
RB - Joe Mixon (CIN)

WR - Ja’Marr Chase (CIN)
WR - Deebo Samuel (SF)

TE - Travis Kelce (KC)

K - Harrison Butker (KC)
D/ST - Philadelphia Eagles (PHI)

South Beach Thunder

QB- Hurts Philly

RB- McCaffrey SF
RB- Mixon Cinci

WR- Brown Philly
WR- Chase Cinci

TE- Kelce KC

K- Butker KC
D- San Fran

I posted my picks as a little challenge to see how creative everyone can be to make up the point difference to win.

Best of Luck


Here are the players and rankings from our front page.

Kevin (2) and the Sicarios continuing to ride the Burrow / LSU connection.

QB: Cin, Burrow

WR1: Cin, Chase
WR2: Phi, Brown

RB1: SF, McCaffrey
RB2: KC, McKinnon

TE: KC, Kelce

DEF: SF, 49ers
K: Phi, Elliott

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Kevin, I don’t think slow and stubborn is gonna get this win. :slight_smile:

Pick deadline reminder. Is everyone in?

Deadline is 1:30p Sun

Is everyone in? Don’t want to wait until last minute like last week.

QB Burrow. Cincinnati
RB Mccaffery. San Francisco
RB Pacheco Kansas City
WR Chase Cincinnati
WR AJ Brown Philadelphia
TE Kelce. Kansas City
K Gould San Francisco
D/ST Philadelphia

All lineups have been received.

Richmond Webb
QB Hurts (Phi)
RB: Mixon (Cin)
McCaffrey (SF)
WR: Chase (Cin)
AJ Brown (Phi)
TE: Kelce (KC)
K: Butker (KC)
D: 49ers (SF)

QB: Hurts (Phi)
RB: Mixon (Cin)
McCaffrey (SF)
WR: Chase (Cin)
Toney (KC)
TE: Kelce (KC)
K: Gould (SF)
D: Eagles (Phi)

QB: Mahomes (KC)
RB: Mixon (Cin)
McKinnon (KC)
WR: Samuel (SF)
D. Smith (Phi)
TE: Kittle (SF)
K: Elliott (Phi)
D: Bengals (Cin)

All others have been posted here previously. Enjoy the games and good luck to all.


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Final Results:

Entrant: Wk 3 score/Final score
SoBe717: 87.35/387.2
ZakHH: 102.35/374.4
kevinhalla: 79.1/358.65
edmcgon: 89.05/353.29
Richmond Webb 87.25/340.95
August 12: 99.2/334.3
blffan4: 58.4/304.45

Perfect lineup
Burrow (Cin): 16.5
Sanders (Phi) 17
McCaffrey (SF) 18.6
Higgins (Cin) 17.3
MVS (KC) 22.6
Kelce (KC) 17.3
Gould (SF) 1
Eagles (Phi) 19.5
TOTAL: 129.8

In my official pool ($10 entry) top 4 overall scores (out 20 entrants) were:
1st: 425.3
2nd: 417.45
3rd: 417.3
4th: 405.2 (this was me)

and the top score for this week was 102.4 in the official pool. ZakHH was only .5pt shy of that this week.

Hope you enjoyed it as it’s very different from any other playoff FF pools I’ve participated in over the years. Congrats SoBe717!



Congratulations SoBe717!

Congratulations! And thanks for putting this on guys. It was fun!

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Thanks guys and it was some fun. Many thanks to Kim for making it possible and maybe next year we will add a few bucks to make it even more interesting.


Congrats Joe, and a big thanks to Kim for all the work! :+1:


If only you would have copied one more week. JK/lol

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Hey I found the thread!

Joe tore it up in week 2 and held on for the win…

Congratulations Joe!

Thanks for doing all the legwork Kim!