Forum Playoff Rules and Picks- Wk 2

Lineups for Divisional and Conference Championship weekend consists of 8 players (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K & D/ST) and generally, the deadline for submittal is a half hour prior to kickoff of the first game each weekend. In the Divisional round you must select ONE player from each team playing that weekend. In the Conference Championship round you must select TWO players from each team playing that Sunday. Most points at the end of all 3 rounds, wins the pool.

Cinci @ Buff
Jax @ KC

Giants @ Philly
Dallas @ SF

Lineups to be emailed to Kim above by Sat deadline.

Email your lineup to by the deadline (3pm CST Saturday 1/21/23). I will post all on this page by kickoff Saturday. Here are the scores after 1 week:

  1. kevinhalla 176.55
  2. Richmond Webb 176.05
  3. SoBe717 168.8
  4. ZakHH 168.8
  5. blffan4 162.4
  6. edmcgon 161
  7. August 12 154.75

Good luck to all and enjoy what is typically a great weekend of football!


South Beach Thunder

QB- Allen, Buff
RB- ETN, Jax
WR- Cee Dee, Dallas
WR- Chase, Cinci
TE- Kelce, KC

D- Philly
K- Gano, Giants

No need to post here. I will do that when I have them all. It makes for quite a lot of clutter.

That said, where’s your TE? By default, it appears you’d be playing a Giants TE.

I will email to you but, clutter, comments, posturing and fun come with any fantasy challenge.

The Kelce omission is corrected. Appearances can be deceiving. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s why we don’t do rosters by default. :wink:

I’d just prefer rosters not be posted here. Feel free to trash talk, comment, analyze all you want. Of course, I’m the boss of none of you so if you want to show your roster off to one and all and have someone making strategic choices based on that, it’s your call. We aren’t doing this for money so it’s not as if it really matters but in the home pool I run, I don’t look at any rosters emailed to me before I set mine and I always send mine to at least one or two others in the pool (typically whoever submits their lineup earliest) to keep things on the up and up. It is an advantage to see what others are doing with their roster before you set your own. For that reason, I’d rather they not be posted here as it makes it difficult for me to avoid seeing them but all I can do is ask.

Ok. I feel better now. I saw the 12 in August12 and thought I only got 121 points. I can live with 154 pts. Game on!!

Money leagues are much different. I will maybe keep the final week secret but having some fun in the meantime. People can copy who I pick or change their picks because of me. No one knows which will be better or worse. :slight_smile:

For me this is about managers getting away from the league and having a little fun in a contest no one will remember a month from now. It is a few week break from going into fantasy withdrawal.

Here’s our front page listing and ranks of playoff players this week.

Hamburg Havoc

QB: Patrick Mahomes (KC)

RB: Christian McCaffrey (SF)
RB: Saquon Barkley (NYG)

WR: Ja’Marr Chase (CIN)
WR: CeeDee Lamb (DAL)

TE: Evan Engram (JAX)

K: Tyler Bass (BUF)
D/ST: Philadelphia Eagles (PHI)

Will e-mail later, may change a position or two.

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Your turn for “believe it or not.” That was my first lineup, posted my second. as it is better. :slight_smile:

Hence my:


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I DO hate you, you know. lol

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Well folks in my home league definitely remember as it’s nearly as prized as winning our season-long league.

How much is it for? Big difference.

Depends how many people are in. This year it’s 20 but the money isn’t the reason.

Money or home town bragging rights makes little difference. We are 6 from all over who will play to win, is some fun but as far as I know does not matter anywhere near as much.

So I guess it isn’t a big difference then

So glad Cameron Dicker the Kicker propelled me to the to the first week lead, But after the Chargers lost, my playoff Sicarios team is now Dicker-less and adrift.

I was going to the DALLAS McDonalds to get a mocha at the MCCAFE(ry), and my BROWN dog insisted on following. She DIGGS a hole under my fence and BURROWs underneath to follow. Her cute boy puppy follows so I PATTERSON, and tell her to get back in the yard or kELSE. She ignores me and just goes bark, BARK(ley).

And all of you should be relieved that I am no longer allowed to include DICKER in that short story.

QB, CIN, Burrow
WR1, BUF, Diggs
WR2, PHI, Brown
RB1, SF, McCaffery
RB2, NYG, Barkley
TE, KC, Kelce
K, JAX, Patterson
DST, Dallas


Your dog got that wrong, bro. There is no requirement to start a pun-ter here. :smiling_imp: