Pick 3 Receivers

I need to pick 3 of the 4 below in Full PPR

D. Adams

I’m worried about Deebo because of the 49ers QB situation and also about Tyreek as he played very little this past weekend. Is he injured?

Tyreek missed a lot of practice time last week with COVID, so that might have affected his performance in the game. I’d run with Adams, Tyreek and Waddle.

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Adams, Tyreek, Deebo. Roll with your studs

Have you looked at Waddle’s numbers lately? He’s a certifiable WR1 now. And Tyreek had a bad practice the other day.

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That is a strong four. Adams, Waddle, and Deebo for me.

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I assume in PPR Waddle could get a look over Deebo, but there’s just no way I think I could sit Tyreek in final. His ceiling is way too high, he gets too many looks, and I don’t buy the “exhaustion” thing will last. KC is still fighting for #1 seed and the offense will go through him and Kelce, not to mention CIN is a pass-funnel defense. Obviously, just my opinion, but I could live with Waddle blowing up on my bench in a final, but I couldn’t live with a Tyreek bowup on my bench.

Hill has had 4 or less receptions in three out of the past 4 games. Waddle hasn’t had fewer than 8 receptions in the last 4 games. Waddle has found the endzone twice in the last 4 and Hill once. Deebo has scored a rushing TD and posted 18 or more PPR points in 3 out of the last 4 games. Hill has one 18+ performance and Waddle has four in the last 4 games.

When looking at starting players I strongly believe in “what have you done for me lately”. I know Hill is the big name and you probably have significant draft capital invested in him. But factoring in recency and perhaps lingering effects of Covid what are the odds he has a ceiling game and out performs Waddle and Deebo?

I’d roll with Adams, Waddle and Deebo.


Thx so much for the analysis. Great info. Do you have a podcast or YouTube channel?

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@Tigermed You’re welcome, hope it helps.

No youtube/podcast. I’m just an old football fan that has played this game for a couple of decades and has too much time on his hands.

Good luck!