Patterson or Cook

I have Cordarrelle Patterson and Dalvin Cook along with Fournette, and Jamaal Williams. I cant amstart all four. Its come down to Cook or Patterson. Any thoughts?

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I’d roll with Cook. He’s gotten the all-clear, while Patterson has not (even though he is expected to start).

Both have tough matchups, though. Cook, because it’s a London game, that usually does not lead to high scoring affairs. C-Pat, because he plays vs. a stout run defense.

Do you have to start 3 RBs, or do you have a WR as alternative for a FLEX spot?

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I like Jamaal Williams this week. With Detroit missing a lot of key players, Williams will get his moment in the sun.

I also prefer Cook for a lot of reasons @ZakHH mentioned. Add in the fact New Orleans is without their QB, and the Vikings might be running out the clock late in the game, adding to his carries.

As much as I like Cordarelle, he is hurt a little, so the Falcons might turn to Tyler Allgeier a bit more. Add in the fact Cleveland will likely control the clock with their running game, and Patterson may not see as many touches.

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So i went with cook.

I benched fournette in favor of patterson. I could bench mark andrews and keep all four in. But i cant bring myself to bench the best TE in fantasy right now.

My lineup is
Qb- Brady
WR- M. Brown
WR- lockett
Rb- patterson
Rb- cook
Flex- andrews
Flex- j. Williams.

I have fournette on the bench. Let mw know what you think. I have 20 minutes to make a move.

Did I nail this prediction?

Final stat line:
Patterson: 9 carries, 38 yards, 1 td, 9.8 FP
Allgeier: 10 carries, 84 yards, 1 catch, 20 yards, 10.9 FP (half PPR)

On a side note, is this Allgeier’s breakout game? Maybe.