12 Man keeper league

I am in 2 keeper league and can start 2 qb each week.
I have 11th pick.
If I keep Justin Jefferson and Herbert it cost me a 14th and 15th round pick.
If I keep Herbert and Mahomes it cost me a 15th and 1st round pick.
With Mahomes I lose receiver and first round pick.
1st pick in second round and then I dont pick again for 21 picks.

Keep Mahomes or keep Jefferson and have a good qb in Herbert and wide receiver in Jefferson and draft a good rb or go with Mahomes and count on his points to make up difference?

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COMMON MAN! JJ with Herb is overstating the obvious. :slight_smile:

Got to go with JJ and Herbert. Why lose your 1st round pick over Mahomes? You can draft better, even in a 2 QB league.

Appreciate the feedback. A couple of people told me to keep Mahomes but I was leaning towards JJ and Herbert. and just wanted to see advice on this forum.


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Welcome aboard! Feel free to post anytime.

This is exactly why it is dangerous to take fantasy football advice from anyone not named Axe Elf.

Good grief…

Thanks for the welcoming me.

The only thing worse is taking advice from Axe Elf…