Buying low on JT? Got offered a great trade in my opinion but worried the Colts stink and they shut him down

PPR, Got offered JT and Gabe Davis for C Kirk, Mooney and CEH. Kirk is a matchup based flex for me and the other 2 never see my lineup so it seems like a no brainer!! But depleting my bench depth for a guy who can’t get on the field seems inherently risky. But I’m 7-2 and feel I can afford a few rough weeks and hope he’s right come Fantasy Playoff time. Am I overthinking this???

I don’t think we’ll reach a point this season where you can start JT with confidence again. But you’re not giving up a lot here in CEH.

Kirk and Gabe Davis are roughly the same player from a fantasy POV. Both can put up big numbers, but also vanish entirely. 14.4 PPG for Kirk, 13.4 for Davis. Kirk gets a lot more targets, though, which gives him a safer floor. I’d prefer him, but not by a wide margin.

Mooney hasn’t done that much this season, but he, like the entire Chicago offense, is trending up.

Overall, you are losing in this trade - unless JT can miraculously turn things around. If you believe in that, go for it.

I feel like being 7-2 and having CMC(#1 OVR) and Ekeler(my 2nd round Keeper) as my studs combined with Amon ra, Waddle and Sutton as my WRS I could afford this gamble. Kirk was my Wr3 or 4 depending on matchups for him and Sutton. Most my guys have had their Byes as well so if JT can get to 80% of what he was last year I have the best flex option imaginable and if not I traded mostly bench players for him.

I don’t see a reason to believe he will return even to 80% of last year. But stranger things have happened in the NFL. If he does, then yeah, it’s a good trade for you. If not, then not.

A gamble, as you said.

I traded CMC for JT and Waddle. I do not believe he will be the star of last year but will be a mid RB 1 starting in the next 2 games. Waddle is a needed upgrade at WR. So for me it was a fair to good deal.

I would axually think that with former Center Jeff Saturday as acting head coach, and a QB who clearly isn’t ready to be throwing 40 times a game, that we should see the Colts start trying to bully everyone on the ground–and this will be a good thing for Taylor if he can get his ankle back in shape.

I’d probly do the trade–as you also get a third player to be named later from the waiver wire.