Got an offer for my Tyreek Hill

Someone offered me either Josh Jacobs or Chubb for Tyreek Hill. The offer sounds temping but maybe I will pass. My RB situation isn’t the best right now but I can go 3 WRs including FLEX. I’m in 4th place with a 7-4 record. My Team:

RB: McCaffrey, Swift, Foreman, Damien Harris and Gus Edwards
WR: Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, Christian Kirk, Gabe Davis, Christian Watson, McKenzie and Beckham Jr.

I got better depth at WR than RB probably but the points difference from Hill to the next WR is pretty big. What do you think?

What are the starter slots in your league, and what’s the scoring?

My answer will probably be “don’t do it” either way, but it would still be helpful for a proper trade analysis.

2 RB
2 WR

I hope that helps

Based on average scoring in half PPR:

Before the trade:
RB1: CMC, 17.5
RB2: Swift, 11.9
WR1: Hill, 18.2
WR2: Kirk, 13.5
FLEX: Evans, 12.2
Total: 73.3

After the trade:
RB1: Chubb, 18.0
RB2: CMC, 17.5
WR1: Kirk, 13.5
WR2: Evans, 12.2
FLEX: Swift, 11.9
Total: 73.1

This trade doesn’t really help your team, but would give you extra depth on RB, in case something happens to CMC or Swift.

It’s a can-do trade, but not a must-do one.
In case you want to do it, whether you’d take Chubb or Jacobs won’t make a big difference. Chubb’s ROS schedule looks a tad better than Jacobs’, though.

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I would take Chubb. Your RBs are not very good with Swift only a flex option of late and other than McCaffrey the rest not starters.