Should I trade Jaylen Waddle for Jonathon Taylor?

16 team PPR. Start 1RB, 2WR, 1(RB/WR)

I also have:
Zach Moss
Saquon Barkley
Christian Watson
Josh Palmer

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I would. He is a top 5 RB.

Since you have Moss, it makes sense, but it’s going to hurt your WR stable. Is this an actual offer, or are you just wishing? If I was the Taylor owner and I’d carried him through his four weeks of PUP, it would take a lot more than a team’s WR2 just coming off a concussion to pry him away from me now that he’s almost ready to contribute to my team.

This is an actual offer. I’m just concerned about the ambiguity with him. Who know where he’ll play OR if he’ll even play

Then pass and don’t ask. It is a great deal to take a shot on with very limited risk.

Waddle is a fair trade piece if JT turns out. But it is pretty IFFY at this point, no? I’d say you could go for it, but trading Puka for JT would be more tolerable.

I just traded Taylor for Chase a few days ago as I have Robinson and needed a #1 WR but it was a tuff choice. RBs are in demand and it will get much worse as injuries mount.

Based on what you have, Waddle for Taylor makes sense.