1 PPR Tee/KW3 for JJ./Pickens

I need some help on a trade in 1 PPR. I’m being offered JJ + Pickens for Tee + KW3.

My other RBs: CMC, Saquon, White, Perine, Mitchell (soon to be Mason)
My other WRs: AJB, Hollywood, Burks

Do I do it?

As a side note, my QBs are Kyler and Watson and I’m sure I can add Kyler to the trade and get Burrow in return if that’s any consolation.

Basically my starting RBs, WRs and FLEX go from CMC, Saquon, KW3, AJB, Tee to CMC, Saquon, JJ, AJB, and Hollywood/White

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Welcome aboard!

The important part of this deal is JJ for KW, and I see that as a no-brainer in PPR. You take JJ, whose upside is league-winning. KW is a good RB, but even his numbers don’t compare with JJ’s.

I would make that trade. You can afford to lose KW3, and JJ is a huge upgrade for your WR room.

If you can get Burrow for Kyler, I’d do that, too.