Brian Robinson: The new lead RB in Washington

Pay attention to this story closely:

This means downgrade Antonio Gibson and upgrade Brian Robinson.

And watch for a trade.

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A couple of people on the Dynasty podcast were speculating on Antonio Gibson to the Chiefs. My own view is if the Chiefs can’t make it work with CEH, what chance does Gibson have there?

This is so dumb. The article even goes on to state WHY Robinson “started.” Robinson played the first two plays because Gibson was winded from just returning the kickoff–then Gibson came back in to play the rest of the series with the starting unit. The article doesn’t seem to connect the dots, though–I watched the game.

Full disclosure, I have one speculative share of Robinson as a bench-ender myself, and I think he WILL continue to get a large share of the work in the backfield as the year goes on–but I also think that this article is a non-factor. It doesn’t show that Robinson has secured the starting role–it just shows that they were experimenting with Gibson returning kicks.

I HOPE Robinson becomes the next surprise stud–but he’s not there yet, and frankly, my expectations are tempered just because it’s Washington, and they will use everyone in that crowded backfield from time to time.

I would definitely recommend Robinson as a late-round flyer over your usual scrubs like Allgeier–but for now, he’s still a late-round flyer.