Sleepers You Should Know 02: Kareem Hunt

Check this timeline…

2017: The Chiefs select Patrick Mahomes in the 1st round of the NFL Draft; they selected Hunt in the 3rd round. Eric Bieniemy is Hunt’s RB coach as a rookie–and Hunt leads the NFL in rushing (1,327 yards).

2018: Mahomes starts at QB, Bieniemy is promoted to Offensive Coordinator, and Hunt amasses over 1,200 yards from scrimmage and 14 TDs through the first 11 games before he is abruptly dismissed from the team following a domestic violence allegation–for which Hunt is never formally charged.

2019-2022: Hunt goes on to be lightly-used behind Nick Chubb in Cleveland (442 carries and 132 receptions in the past 4 years).

2023: Hunt becomes a free agent. Eric Bieniemy becomes the Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator of the Washington Commanders. On June 16, it was widely reported that the Commanders had made “preliminary inquiries” into obtaining Kareem Hunt, but as of yet, there has been no further word.

Kareem Hunt is currently an afterthought in fantasy drafts. In four leagues, I have drafted him for $3 (with a $400 auction budget), $2, $1, and snagged him with the 10th (last) waiver priority after someone dropped him in a multiplayer trade–two of those are full-PPR leagues. If Hunt is indeed reunited with Bieniemy in Washington, he could be a league-winning steal in PPR leagues–and his landing spot doesn’t even have to be THAT ideal to outperform his current draft capital; potentially by a lot.

There are worse late-round darts to throw…

And what happens to Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson?

As a Hunt owner in all four leagues, I would of course hope that their roles would be reduced significantly.

And hope is such a sound fantasy strategy…

Meanwhile, you miss another point: Washington doesn’t need Hunt.

I’ll let Hunt and Bieniemy determine that.

Don’t get me wrong, Hunt could end up somewhere that he’s effective. Tampa Bay?

At this point I’m not seeing anything in Hunt. There are likely more than 50 RBs I would take before him.

IF he comes into an injury need he could be worth a look but not before.

I would add WR Hollywood Brown who projects to go in the 8th round, There is the Murray injury but he is still the feature WR in Zona. I would expect him to be at least a WR3 on volume alone.

That is rare to find in the 7th-8th round,

That’s kind of the point of giving the early heads up; so that people like you who aren’t seeing anything in Hunt currently can get the jump on everyone else BEFORE Hunt’s value becomes apparent.

See how that works?

LOL. People like me are the ones who kick your ass on picks and winning.
People like me document my wins and record.

People like you make stuff up and run away when challenged to play head to head. Think posters here do not see that?

Ah, so you are imaginary. I will stop engaging with you, then.

As I recall, you don’t even play in advanced (auction) leagues yet (and don’t think posters here don’t see that), but keep dreaming!

This is fantasy, not fiction. lol