Bijan gets a bump!

In PPR and half PPR leagues, Bijan Robinson just got a bump:

If he’s not your first RB on your draft board, you’re messed up.


Yeah, people forget Robinson has Derrick Henry’s old coach. Bijan is Derrick Henry plus catching ability. Smith already had the Falcons running one of the league’s top ground games last season (behind only the Ravens and the Bears); I’m sure he’s drooling.

If Ridder doesn’t just completely suck, Pitts and London should provide enough of a legitimate downfield threat to keep opponents from stacking the box all the time, as Derrick Henry usually faced.

I’m going Mahomes/Robinson/Jefferson in all my PPR auction leagues. It won’t matter who else I draft.

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Doesn’t really come as a surprise to me. So no bump from me. But I already had him as the #1 RB anyway, so it’s a purely academical discussion. :sweat_smile:

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