Best Number of Teams for a League?

I like 10 and no more than 12. For me Fantasy is not drafting playing and following lower tier players other than rookies and sleepers.


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Sounds like an 11 team league would be perfect for you then!

Good to see that your math skills far exceed those of your fantasy commentary. :slight_smile:

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I’m in a 16 team dynasty league that I love. PPR and superflex, so every starting QB is spoken for.

That’s just what I don’t like. Call me old fashioned but football was, is and will be always a ONE QB game. Make up any game but, don’t call it NFL Fantasy. JMO

I do not want to be monitoring my lap top while watching a game or two to see what the bottom players in the NFL are doing. I love watching rookies and sleepers but those are my picks not players I’m stuck with.

Life is too short.

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