FANTASY PROS Forum Fantasy League

A PPR, 10 team, Superflex Dynasty League is now forming. Time is short and we must move quickly.

So far we have 3 in Edmcgon, Zak and So Be. Enter and sign in now.
Gonna be some fun!

Here are your Dynasty Superflex rankings to get ready.

I never played Dynasty or Superflex but am a very quick study. Been researching the last hour or so and damn, looks like a great time coming. Drafting QB’s in the first round is like the 1990’s with Marino, Elway, Young, Moon, etc.

What platform are we using? I’m partial to Sleeper.

I found Yahoo best a few years ago and that is my choice but it is up to you.
Do you want me to set the league?

Let me find out how many volunteers first before I set it up.

If we have fewer people, I’ll need to make the benches deeper. Then again, if we have a lot of people, I can make the benches a little more shallow.

I prefer Sleeper, Fantrax or Fleaflicker. Haven’t played on Yahoo in a while, but have no problem with it, either.

My only requirement is that we have some flexibility with scheduling the draft. I am on CET, that’s 6 hours ahead of ET.

10 is a good number for Superflex or so everyone I know has told me… More detracts.

We will just draft first and then you can draft whats left later. JK/lol

We are off to a very late start. The draft will be in Sept. and will accommodate our fantasy brother from Germany.

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Victory will be just sweeter then. :smiling_imp:

6 pm ET is okay for me to start the draft, if we can get it done in under 3 hours.

Well said. :slight_smile:

I would suggest Sat or Sun, Sept. 4 or 5 as best options. Have to wait for MGRS to sign for choice.

Details will be sorted later but II do like being able to trade picks with Yahoo.

I’ll probably go with an untimed draft.

Just a reminder we need managers.