32 Team Dynasty Draft Strategy

32 team startup draft no copies. What’s the qb order and how many before taking CMC and skilled players?

League scoring system? Keeper or redraft?

Dynasty league, salary cap matches actual cap hits.

PPR? Superflex? Scoring and rosters affect draft positions.

32 team no copies so not Superflex but only 32 starters. PPR. It’s actually a league league that Mirrors the NFL, so 46 active players every week. Oline, defense and punter and kicker.

Really just trying to get an idea for my 1st round pick on which way to go Qb or skill and what the cutoff is. Drafting at 9 so trying to figure out that tier break. After that it’s best player available the whole way.

CMC will likely be gone by the 9th pick. Concentrate on your skill positions first, RB/WR/TE, picking the best available first. Save the QB’s for later.

Assuming Oline, defense, punter and kicker are scored similarly to other leagues, I’d save them until the end of the draft. If you notice positional scoring aberrations (i.e. like Olines get a point for every 10 yards rushing, and some kind of points for passing yards), then you may want to elevate said position in your draft (not to the first round, but at least after you are finished drafting your starters).

Good luck! This sounds like a fun league!