12 team to 10 team league

After 16 years of a 12 team league, it seems possible I may have to run a 10 team this year. Looking for some ideas of changes that should be made, mainly in the position areas. Right now it is the standard QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, FLEX, K, D/ST with 5 bench spots + 1 IR. It is a .5PPR and 6pt TD for all positions.

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I’d add a superflex position. Also, you didn’t mention if this league was dynasty, keeper, or redraft? Obviously, the league has some staying power, so I’d make it dynasty if it isn’t already.

It is redraft, have tried to convince everyone about the merits of dynasty and keeper, but there are a couple of originals that refuse.

I am torn with superflex, 2QB, and/or 2TE. Probably will add an extra bench spot or 2.

Also wondering if a 10 team league may be better doing an auction over a snake draft.

Thanks for your response.

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First off, don’t go 2 TE. I tried that in my experimental league last season, and it was a pointless roster spot.

I recommend superflex over 2 QB, mainly so people have the option of putting other positions in there in an emergency (bye weeks, injuries, etc.).

I can honestly say I’ve never done an auction draft, so I can’t help you there. Snake drafts are fine for me.

After 16 years some are not gonna want to change anything and there is no need. A 10 team league does nothing more than give you better picks and waiver choices.

I prefer it.


I am in a 12 team Yahoo PPR league with draft position #6. What are your thoughts on a draft strategy and plan.

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Welcome aboard!

According to Fantasy Pros ADP ranking, here are the top 18 players:

|1|Jonathan Taylor
|2|Christian McCaffrey
|3|Austin Ekeler
|4|Cooper Kupp
|5|Derrick Henry
|6|Justin Jefferson
|7|Najee Harris
|8|Dalvin Cook
|9|Ja’Marr Chase
|10|Davante Adams
|11|Joe Mixon
|12|Stefon Diggs
|13|D’Andre Swift
|14|Travis Kelce
|15|Javonte Williams
|16|Nick Chubb
|17|Deebo Samuel
|18|Tyreek Hill

So why look all the way to 18 when you draft 6th? Because I am assuming this is a snaking draft, and you will also be picking 19th. If there is someone you value more that will likely be gone by your second pick, then you need to draft them in the 1st round. This is why I value ADP more than ECR, because it gives you a much better idea of where players are likely to go in most drafts, so you can plan where to get the players you really want.

In my case, I would happily grab Najee Harris with your pick. He’s a PPR beast, and if the Steelers can put up a downfield passing attack, that could also open running lanes for him.

In the 2nd round, I’m not crazy about the RB’s going here, so I’d probably grab CeeDee Lamb if he is still there. If not Lamb, Mike Evans should still be available too. You didn’t mention whether this is a superflex league, so I’m assuming it’s a normal 1 QB league. Even so, Josh Allen might still be available here.

For your 3rd round pick, Kyle Pitts might still be available. But if you need to lockdown a second RB, there are some solid options here: Zeke Elliott and Breece Hall.

See how I’m looking at the available players, and game-planning options in each round? This is what you need to do. Keep in mind, I’m not even considering what you could do if a player doesn’t get taken ahead of you. For example, what if Tyreek Hill is still available when you draft in the 2nd round? Would you take him over Lamb or Evans? Only you can answer that (I probably would take Hill).

This is also where mock drafting becomes essential. It allows you to put your strategy into practice, and refine it. When you see situations in the draft unfolding, you can learn how to use them to your advantage.

Good luck in your draft!

Thank you for your thoughts. I, too, like Harris in #6,over Henry and Cook.
I round 2 I have mocked A. Jones a couple of times but do not expect him
to be around. Another surprise was to get Josh Allen twice in Round 4!!!
Fun stuff.

Bob Crouch rfcrouc@aol.com

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