Asking for unbiased opinion if trade is lopsided

Hi all,

I am relatively new to fantasy football, and I wanted to get some unbiased input on a trade between two managers (Joe and Rob) in the league. Some managers in our league are really upset and have gotten into arguments over this, and I wanted to see if an outside opinion can shed light.

The league has no veto power , so all trades automatically go through.

The league does allow up to 3 keepers (with complex rules where the round they are kept in is based on the round that they are drafted in previous year). However, I am fairly certain that the players traded will not be kept by either team next year. So essentially, the trade below can be evaluated without assuming any keepers.

Joe acquired:

-Kareem Hunt

-Alex Collins

-Rob’s Round 6 pick next year

Rob acquired:

-Keenan Allen

-Joe’s Round 1 pick next year

Keep in mind that this happened on November 16, when Kareem Hunt was on IR and Chris Carson wasn’t yet ruled out for the season (meaning Alex Collins was lower in value at the time of the trade).

Just prior to the trade, the teams looked like this:

The trade definitely seems lopsided and heavily beneficial for Rob as he got essentially a first round pick and a top level WR (Keenan Allen). Both managers refuse to explain their logic here. Is this trade as lopsided as I think it is?

Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

So the 6th round pick was just to allow the picks to be traded, since a 6th rounder for a 1rst rounder is obviously lopsided, leaving this as a 2 player for 1 player deal.

Allen is an elite WR1, being traded for a guy on IR and a backup RB filling in for an injured starter. In addition, Collins only had a single 100 yard rushing game prior to 11/16 (and he still hasn’t topped that). The only argument for this trade is that Kareem Hunt could return, and did prior to their bye last week. Collins was a “throw in” to allow the new owner to wait for Hunt to return.

Is Hunt worth more than Allen? Only relatively speaking, as an RB. I can appreciate why Joe would want Kareem, because he is easily better than any RB he had.

Is it a smart trade? No. But if I’m a commissioner reviewing the trade, I’d let it go through. Commissioners have to be careful about imposing their own values on a trade. While there has to be a cutoff, where you say, “This trade is absurdly imbalanced”, anything short of that has to be allowed. The key question is, “Do both players gain something from this trade?” If the answer is yes, then it must be allowed.