How do you view trades?

We have a work league. 8/10 make playoffs, rec league.

5 take it seriously 5 more for fun. One team she let her kids draft and it is beyond awful. (Logan Thomas, Curtis Samuel awful)

So my question is this:

  1. Do you just let teams like that die and increase your chances of making playoffs?

  2. Do you try to swing trades that help both teams?

So, for example, she has Kelce. I have the depth where I can probably trade her Andrews/Lockett for Kelce/Doubbs.

Or another team who is likely to lose Kupp for a while and has no depth.

I can trade them a Lockett/Brian Robinson for Mattison. Or B Cooks/Robinson for Mattison.

Anyway, long story short is do you worry about helping teams when you trade or just let the bad teams die (even though sometimes they don’t)

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If it’s a kiddie fun league, I run. If it’s serious with a couple who are not, I explain that and if they don’t care to change, replace them.

A very delicate operation in a work league.

Join us next year and we will catch you up quickly on serious but with some fun. lol

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I had a work league like that. It died after 2 years. Have fun with it while it lasts.

As for “helping” other teams?


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You make deals that both teams find acceptable and ultimately helpful for their team otherwise, one might find an exception to not complete the transaction.

The later trades in the year will be those who are consolidating (probably garnering for a post-season bye) versus those who need depth that are in playoff contention.

Also, C. Samuel is not a bad player. Once last season was underway I called him the poor man’s version of D. Samuel. Turns out their scoring output was almost identical by season’s end. He gets plenty of touches/g and will be interesting to see how he’s used under E. Bieniemy’s scheme. I picked him up after week 1 of last year and played him a bit here and there for a month and a half until I traded him for value. I had drafted McLaurin as well and traded him weeks later.