Should this trade have been vetoed?

I am the commissioner of a 2 player keeper league. PPR scoring. Your 2 keepers count as your 1st and 2nd round picks. You get a pick in the 1st and/or the 2nd if you keep 1 or 0. There is no league votes for vetoes. If the trade is clearly not collusion and not absurdly unfair it goes through. One member of my league has spent a large portion of the last few months complaining about how I shouldn’t get to decide if a trade is fair or not and repeatedly referencing the same trade from this past season. He wants it to be changed to league voting for vetoes. Here is the trade that took place prior to week 8 and their stats at the time of the trade… (Team 1 had just lost Breece Hall to his torn ACL)

Team 1 (5-3) Trades Away
Hurts - 25.7 ppg
Kelce - 21.7ppg
C. Kirk - 13.8 ppg
Brian Robinson - 6.75

Team 2 (3-5) Trades Away
J. Herbert - 18.3 ppg
Tyreek Hill - 23.9 ppg
Michael Carter - 10.5 ppg

Did I make the right decision on pushing this trade through and not vetoing it?

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I don’t know why you’re even asking about something that happened last season.

People who want league voting typically only want it so they can try to stop anyone else from trading.

It sounds like you have the right concept regarding trades, so you just have a crybaby who needs to deal with the rules of the league he is in, or find another league.

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Team 1 hugely overreacted. Giving away the house and the dog to get a replacement for one RB is bad form.

That said, I’m not sure there’s enough there to overrule it at the time. Yes, it looked a little lopsided (and in hindsight it was a dumb trade), but sometimes trades do when trying to acquire a specific player.

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Appreciate the input AxeElf and edmcgon. As the commissioner who solely decides on if trades are fair, I was just looking for some outside opinions to see if I should have handled it differently. Outside of this one player, no one has taken issue with allowing the trade to go through. By my standards that wasn’t even close to veto worthy especially considering that team 1 was in 1st place.

We’re 5 years into this league and it’s always the same one player complaining about trades that we’re fair at the time and then become lopsided later in the year or further into future.

What kind of veto system do you guys have in your leagues? What would you consider to be the industry standard for long term, high level leagues?

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When everyone in the league is competent, Commissioner Veto is usually sufficient. It sounds like your league is just one player short of that goal.

In my experience, the players that most want to vote on vetoes are the players most likely to abuse that system.


The only suggestion I’d make is where you have one other owner as a sort of “second commissioner” to review your own trades, or allow your own trades to be put up for an informal vote by the league. Otherwise forget ever making any trades yourself.

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I like the 2nd person to decide, that’s a great idea. I don’t even attempt to make any significant trades. Only trade for fringe starters and extreme buy low guys where they’re so insignificant that nobody cares about it.

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That was the first thing I discovered as a commissioner. Even my trade offers come into question.


Yes. Team 1 expected Michael Carter to take over where Breece Hall left. Had that happened, it would have been an okay trade. I wouldn’t have made it, but as a commish, I definitely wouldn’t have vetoed it.

In both my dynasties I serve as a commish, trades are on commish approval. Both leagues have multiple commishs (2 and 3), so that there always is a second opinion. Trades are hardly ever being vetoed. I remember only 2 cases in several years. In one case, it was a disgruntled owner on meltdown, who was quickly stopped and removed. In the other case, it was an owner who had briefly forgotten the difference between a 4th round and the 4th overall pick.


This may well be the dumbest trade complaint I have ever seen in many years of fantasy. The deal was light years away from even reviewing for a veto.

The vast majority of complaints have nothing to do with the integrity of the league but of personal issues on someone and/or their team dropping some to another, being rejected in trade or petty jealousy of not having thought of the trade. or just looking for attention.

How does one judge a trade? The draft, points, weekly rank, rest of season rank, history, projected future, etc until I like the helmet. LOL

Guys getting millions don’t know. How the hell is someone playing fantasy going to? More importantly, league trade debate and vote causes hard feelings and at times can fracture the league. Best to leave trades within rules alone.

As to your friend doing this often, I would tell him if he does it again he will be removed. In my experience the league will agree and thank you. JMO

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As they should. JK/LOL

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Appreciate all of the insight :+1:


JP, sent you a message as well.