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I’m in a 16 team dynasty league and I have Antonio Gibson as a keeper. Should I consider Brian Robinson at my 1.08 pick? Need RB but my competitive window starts next year (Hopkins, Watson, Ridley)

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Well of course you should consider him.

What you eventually decide will depend on a whole lot of information you haven’t given us.

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Certainly what you suggest is a viable idea. Alternatively, you could use the 1.08 pick to move away from Washington. There are other RB’s who could be starting for other teams by then: Tyler Allgeier and Dameon Pierce (James Cook is another one, but I’m not a fan). Some of them could be starting by this year, so you will get to see if your plan works. If you wait to take an RB in the second round, you should be able to get Zamir White.

I understand why you would want the Washington handcuff, but that also handcuffs you to one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL. In dynasty leagues, where players land is one factor in evaluating them. Rookies are locked into their first franchise for 4 years, possibly 5 if the 5th year option is picked up by the team. The franchise’s dysfunction becomes the player’s dysfunction.

Fortunately, this is Washington, where the current coaching regime has produced 3 top 20 RBs in the past 2 years, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You might actually, have a point, especially with Carson Wentz there. We saw what Wentz did for Indy’s running game last year. Unfortunately, that is a one year thing, before Washington runs him out of town like the last two teams he has played for in the last two years.

That is an option, though I would then trade back a few picks. Robinson came off the board at #15 and #23 in my 2 dynasties that drafted 2 weeks ago.

The question is how much you expect from Robinson. He does not profile as a pass catcher, so his PPR upside remains limited. At 1.08, you have better talent on the board.

And you will need talent, because, bluntly said, if your window of opportunity is based on Deshaun, D-Hop and Ridley, it may be smaller than you think.

If Deshaun can still perform on his old level in his new environment, after all the drama around him, remains to be seen. Same for the question if Atlanta will bring Ridley back. His contract doesn’t guarantee it. Plus, the Falcons have Drake London now. And D-Hop - he will be 31 next year.

I would much rather go after a solid WR talent in the draft. Chris Olave might still be there. Or Jameson Williams, since you are looking at next year anyway. I would not leave solid talent on the board for a player who is not guaranteed to help you this year or next.

In a dynasty that drafted 2 weeks ago, I took George Pickens over Robinson at #14, despite my team being RB-needy. Like you, I am looking at 2023 with that team, and Pickens looked like a much better bet than Robinson.

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And then a couple of weeks later, it started to look like Robinson might be the starter sooner rather than later, and his draft stock rose. I doubt if you’re still getting him at pick #15 in a rookie draft these days. He might not even be there at 1.08.