Andrews or Diggs Trades

My team is Justin Herbert, Ekeler, Breece Hall, Pierce and Walker. Lamb, St Brown, Higgins, Pittman, Godwin, Kirk and London. Goedert, Freiermuth.

I have Two players I would like to target. Mark Andrews. I almost had a trade worked out for him but now the user only wants Ekeler. I don’t want to give him up for a TE when I have Goedert. Is it worth it?

Diggs, I don’t want to move any of my running backs currently I love the depth and no one values them as high as I know they are. what recievers should I part with for Diggs?

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You have Goedert and Freiermuth. I’d run with that. Goedert is doing quite fine this year.

None. Unless this is a dynasty league and you want younger WR’s, there’s no reason to trade Diggs. He’s one of the best in the game.

I realize I didn’t phrase that the best. I was asking which receivers of mine should I give up to try and acquire Diggs.

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The one(s) that the other owner wants.

Try St. Brown and Higgins for Diggs.

Um no, don’t part with Amon-Ra for any reason whatsoever.


I cannot answer without knowing who your trading partner has and needs. If he is set, he has no reason to trade, if he needs a RB your offer has no shot, etc.

Would you do Ekeler Goedert Kirk to get Chubb and Andrews

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I would, if they’ll take it.

I would do that one in a heartbeat. You get two elite players for one.