Fournette for Diggs?

In a 12-team standard league my WRs (after a zero-WR draft) are Kirk, Cooper, Cooks, Smith-Schuster, and Dotson (with Burks in the IR slot). My RBs are CMC, Fournette, Dillon, K Walker, and B Robinson. Clearly I need to trade an RB for a WR1.

Does Fournette for Diggs sound like a good fix for my team?

Do you have any other ideas that might be less obvious than that sort of one-for-one?

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It doesn’t matter what it sounds like to us; the only thing that matters is how it sounds to the Diggs owner.

So you agree that it’s good for me, at least. After that, right, it’s up to the Diggs owner.

If you get a Diggs owner to accept this offer, you absolutely should make it!