Mark Andrews trade value? (Will help in return)

8-team PPR (redraft)

I get: Chris Olave and Sam Laporta

I give: Mark Andrews

Is that enough for Andrews? If so, should I accept? Thanks! Will help in return if you post a link in your response.

Depends on how needy you are on WR. I was high on Olave before the season, and still am in dynasty, but in redrafts, he isn’t the hot commodity we all had hoped for. Michael Thomas looks better than expected, and Rashid Shaheed looks fantastic.

LaPorta looks good, especially for a rookie TE. TEs usually need 3 years before they break out, but LaPorta looks like he can make it happen right out of the gate.

Still, he’s a downgrade to Andrews. So the question is if you need Olave badly enough to make up for that downgrade.

In dynasty, I’d probably accept this trade without hesitation. In redraft, I’m not so sure.

Agree with Zak. Dynasty and keeper make the deal. I pass in redraft.

Zak, I believe this year’s TE class will blow that 3 years to develop out of the water. I don’t think we have ever seen this much TE talent in any draft.

I see Kincaid and La Porta as top 12 already with Musgrave and Mayer to follow by next year. The best part is they will get better and should stay healthy.

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Great deal for you; almost like a free WR2!

I tend to agree w/ the first poster… Andrews isn’t Kelce, but he’s still a head above the rest (in that Tier 2 w/ TJ and maybe Kittle). Laporta is exciting for his future potential, but I still think has a reasonably low ceiling… could be good for 8-10 every week (don’t expect many huge breakouts w/ the likes of Amon-Ra and Reynolds out there). And Olave isn’t proving to match his pre-season hype.

If you’re desperate at WR (or this is dynasty) maybe consider; otherwise i’d pass.

Help w/ mine? Trade away M.Pittman for Waller in PPR? (WHIR)

Add in Jameson coming.

Hope it’s not in poor form to piggy back the OP, but I have a similiar issue with Andrews.

I am weak at RB and was offered James Cook/Nico for Andrews/DJ Moore.

Was going to counter with Andrews/Moore for Ridley/Cook (guy is loaded ar WR and never plays Ridley)

But I am curious if the positional advantage Andrews gives isn’t worth a move because even the best receivers gonan post their 3/30 days.

Injury risk? I know anyone is but he is 28 and has been banged up already

In the OP case, Olave has more competition now with Kamara coming back. LePorta still a rookie too gonna have his down games.

What if I just trade Andrews straight up for a top tier QB like Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen? I have Laporta on my bench, and Trevor Lawrence is my QB.

I would do that for either one.

Ok - last one, I promise: what about Andrews for Kyren Williams, straight up?

I don’t know how I feel about that one. I suppose if you are RB needy enough.

Did I miss who are your other TE options? If you lsoe Andrews

Andrews for LePorta/Olave still on table?

Laporta is on my bench now. The guy dropped him for whatever reason. Crazy. So, I could deal Andrews for Kyren Williams, then slide Laporta in at TE.

That’s great! What a stroke of luck

Think I should do the deal, then, and give up Andrews for Kyren Williams or hold out for someone better?

I think I would send out feelers and take the best RB you can get. Kyren ok but no harm in sending out some feelers.

I would do it just to end this discussion. :slight_smile: