Activate Tre'Quan Smith? Or drop him?

So I had Tre’Quan stashed on my IR. He got activated so late that he remained there for this weekend.

But now I either have to activate him, and drop Donovan Peoples-Jones to make room on my bench for him. Or dump him off IR straight to the waiver wire.

What are your thoughts? I hate dropping players after just one bad game. But man, that was one terrible performance Tre’Quan showed there last night.

Keep in mind the Saints game was played in the rain. I’m not saying Smith is awesome, only that there were extenuating circumstances.

I hear you. Still, one of his drops was clearly due to a concentration error, and another one to a mis-run route. That he afterwards threw a hissy at Winston on the sideline didn’t exactly inspire confidence, either.

The costly penalty he caused was the icing on a really ugly cake. Hadn’t they played the desolate Seahawks, Smith would have cost them the game. My concern is that he may have bought himself a ticket from 7 weeks IR straight to the doghouse.

I bought myself some time by temporarily moving another player to IR, but will still have to clear one bench spot before the weekend. Let’s see what today’s news will reveal about DPJ’s status.

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