Add Tre'Quan Smith?

Is Tre’Quan Smith worth adding?

Would have to drop probably Sony Michel who doesn’t have much value right now and only will if Henderson gets banged up again…

I’d rather have Michel than Smith. At this point, none of the Saints receivers are worth owning, except possibly Michael Thomas, if he ever gets healthy. At least Michel has value if Henderson gets hurt.

Question is if the Saints passing offense will improve with Smith as an additional weapon. Their current options were pretty underwhelming.

As for Thomas, there is more than just the injury risk. Keep in mind the reason why he had his surgery so late was that he completely disappeared after the 2021 season and was not reachable for the team for several months. The talent is there, but the guy has red flags all over the place.

That is more of a Saints problem than a reason to pick up Smith. Sure, Thomas may not return, or only return for a few games. Then again, Thomas may return and burn up the league. My point is there are better places to gamble than Smith, especially Sony. Henderson has an injury history, and it’s possible the Rams may decide to make that backfield more of an RBBC once Sony gets up to speed.

I dunno if I’d drop Michel for him–unless you really need a WR lottery ticket–but I’ve had my eye on him all summer and was pretty disappointed at him missing the first part of the year, so I would stash him on your IR if you have an open slot.

Winston invited Tre’Quan to come stay at his California home for a few weeks over the summer, to work out, go over playbooks, meet the wife, that kind of thing, and Smith later said in an interview, “Jameis already told me, he was like ‘Man listen, when I got the ball, whatever you do, don’t stop running,’ Smith said. ‘Because you know, I’m looking forward to stretching the ball this year. So please don’t stop running on me. Don’t make me look bad if you not running.’ So I definitely think we’re looking to stretch the ball a lot this year.”

That sounds like something Winston would say. It kind of gives you the tinglies, doesn’t it?

I have little doubt that Jameis wants to pull that off. Question is, can he pull it off with the Saints offense this season?

I have Tre’Quan stashed on IR in one of my dynasty leagues. As soon as he returns, I will have to decide to either cut him, or another player. One of the cut candidates is Hardman, so I’ll probably give Tre’Quan a shot.

Yeah, especially with Josh Gordon likely to get some work as a curiosity, if nothing else. Hardman doesn’t have much immediate upside; Smith does.

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