Keeper League with Rosters & No Mgrs- Advice?

I have a VG and balanced keeper league which blew up lat last year over accusations of cheating from those not knowing the IR rule, same as I saw in baseball, Then more cheating and conspiracy as a few knew anything of keeper trades into next year.

I have another keeper league and other friends have no interest in keepers.
I have a cervical spine surgery in 2 weeks with a 6 week rehab to curtail my fantasy plans and need help.

I would give up the league to another as I just would like to play and see how my keeper set up works out Any Ideas?

The league is 10 team, 3 keeper + a bonus undrafted from waivers. Here’s the draft order with 2 top keepers I picked for each team:

  1. Montgomery 5, Herbert 16

  2. Chase 7, Andrews 5

  3. Waddle 8, Pitts 3

  4. J Williams 7, Dobbins 16

  5. Metcalf 5, Waller 11

  6. J Allen 7, Debo 8

  7. Jefferson 14, Fournette 5

  8. Ekeler 3, Etienne 16 (My Team)

  9. Diggs 8, Swift 6

  10. Cupp 3, Akers 16

Just thinking, IF we do play I have some fun keeper choices to make. We have three keepers and a bonus undrafted who cost your last pick. As we added the bonus into the season you can trade an undrafted for a pick. My options:

Ekeler 3rd

Murray 6

Lance 12


E Moore
M Brown

First look would say Ekeler, 3 guyss from waivers and trade the other 2 for 5th or 6th rounders. Which ones?
OR, trade Ekeler for a 1st plus and 4 waiver guys and 1 trade.

My 16 round draft would end at 11 for me.