Keeper League Trade for Jonathan Taylor

So I’m in a 14 team Keeper League (4 keepers) and I got the following offer for Jonathan Taylor. Picks 1.4, 1.13, 2.18, 3.38, 3.41, 4.46, and 4.51, I’d give my 5-10 round picks to him to even out the trade. For context, my other keepers are Joe Mixon, Stefon Diggs, and DJ Moore. What do you all think? Thanks!

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No way in hell. You got the best guy in fantasy and the picks mean little.

Keeper drafts are entirely different from regular leagues. I u se my league as an example:

5 of the fist 10 picks are keepers.
11 of the first 20 are keepers

That means your picks after 1,4 are not what they appear to be. I do not see value,

Thanks! He’s been selling me on the potential to draft Drake London, Treylon Burks, Chris Olave, Kenneth Walker, etc… with all those picks, who all have the potential to be great and thus have a loaded team. I hear what you’re saying though about actual draft value.

He’s certainly ready to overpay. But you can carry only 4 players over to next season, so drafting 7-8 highly talented players will only help you this season.

Plus, with all the draft picks in the world, you will not be able to replace JT. As @SoBe717 said, pretty much all of the top RBs will be keepers in their teams. And even Walker might be gone at the 1.04 already.

I also wouldn’t do it. You will likely buy yourself a hole on RB, and you will have to cut a few players after the season that you wouldn’t want to. In a full dynasty league, you could consider a trade like this. But not in a league with only a few keepers.

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Rule of thumb: If you are only allowed 4 keepers, and you have the one keeper that would be a 1.01 in a redraft or dynasty league, why would you trade him for draft picks? Unless you are talking 1rst round picks this year and next, there’s no way you should do it.

Keep Taylor all day everyday.

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