Keeper/ Dynasty Keepers

League: 12 Team Standard Scoring rebuilding team. Current have Draft Picks for 2023 R1.1, 1.3, 1.9, 2.1, 2.3, 2.7.

Need to Keep 7 players and 1 from each position. My guarantee keepers are QB Josh Allen TE Pat Friermuth. I will be selecting Bijan with R1.1 assuming no injury between now and Sept.

I have to Keep 5 of the below and have to keep at least 1 RB and 1 WR.

RB Dillon
RB Akers
RB Foreman
RB Mattison
We Pittman
WR Christian Watson
WR Jameson Williams
WR Courtland Sutton
WR Sky Moore
WR Rashod Bateman

I am thinking of keeping:

RB Dillon
RB Akers
We Pittman
WR Christian Watson
WR Jameson Williams

With how Akers finished the season it looks like he will be the RB1 in LAR and I have seen some early 2023 rankings that have him as a Mid RB2.

Dillon is the player on the bubble for me. Will see how Free Agency plays out as Mattison or Foreman may land in a spot where they are RB1 (but likely part of committee). Although Dillon has a path to being a starting RB as Aaron Jones contract is an issue for the cap strapped Packers.

The WR’s Sutton, Moore and Bateman don’t appear to be keepers for me. Sutton hasn’t developed into that WR1, Moore hasn’t been given opportunity to prove himself and Bateman injury prone.

What are your guys thoughts on the 5 Keepers.


My thoughts are the same as yours in this instance which should make us right. :slight_smile:

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First - I think your team will rock in 2023. Excellent timing for a full rebuild.

I also agree on keeping Josh Allen and Pat Freiermuth, both are non-brainers.

I’d also keep Pittman, Watson and definitely Williams on WR.

RB is indeed a bit tricky. Dillon has potential, as I would also expect Jones to be gone in 2023. OTOH, for how many years did we predict the big Dillon breakout yet? This Cheesehead here isn’t fully convinced it will ever come. If Dillon is elevated into the RB1 role in Green Bay, he would probably demand a new contract immediately, as his 2023 salary is laughable. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers drafted a new RB this year.

Akers is the one I’d be most likely to retain. Yes, he’s burned us ever so often. But it looks like he’s got his act together. And as long as he starts (and isn’t sulking), he can do good things. He’d be cheap for the Rams and needs to make a case for himself beyond the 2023 season. That makes him worth the gamble.

For Foreman, I’m not so optimistic. He’ll likely be the next player on the list of backup RBs who got their 15 minutes of fantasy fame when they were elevated into the starting role. But I do not seeing him getting a starter job next year.

I’d rather gamble on Mattison then.

Good luck!


The rest of your keepers are fine, if not excellent. I’m still not sold on Akers. Yes, he did well this season. And based on this year, you have to keep him. But I worry this is a mirage. Caveat emptor.

That could happen. Or Akers plays the entire 2023 season as he finished the 2022 one. Both is possible. Looking at the alternatives, I’'d take that gamble.

Btw, I just read that the Packers are in contract talks with Aaron Jones, to restructure his contract, so that they can keep him for 2023. That would put a solid damper on AJ Dillon’s value.

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AJ Dillon is a very unique RB, who doesn’t work against every defense, but he can be outstanding against some defenses.

Be that as it may, but Dillon finished the season once again well outside RB2 territory, despite playing all 17 games. He racked up less yards than 2021. And now the Packers work on retaining Aaron Jones for yet another year.

It doesn’t look like his fantasy breakout will ever happen. He had one 15+ points game in his rookie year, 4 in 2021 and another 4 in 2022. If you want to use such a player for fantasy football, you need to have an extremely good sense for when these games come. Because outside of those games, he will give you 4-6 points most of the time.

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Putting all other Akers opinions aside, his rookie deal is done this year. He is playing for a contract. End of story.

Ya I was reading that too. Looks like the GB backfield will be the same next yr

I get what you’re saying with Dillon, but the one thing I would say is GB struggled overall in the beginning and didn’t really do much to help guys like Dillon succeed. Once they got back to what Dillon is good at in like the last 1/3 of the season, not only did he turn around and play well but so did GB. So I think this year was a little bit misleading for Dillon… and as long as GB doesn’t regress again and try to be cute with their offense again initially in 2023, I think Dillon puts up much better stats throughout the 2023 season. They just need to pound the ball with him and stop putting Rodgers in shotgun all the time w/him. Put him under center and let Dillon get his momentum going.

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I have Dillon in dynasty, but I know I won’t get any trade value for him, so just have to ride him. Best case is he suddenly blooms and I have a starter. Middle case is he continues with his occasional games where he pops, and I can use him as an RB3/RB4. Worst case is they quit using him or he gets hurt. To me, the worst case is the least likely of the 3.

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