Superflex 10 team Keeper advice - Burrow (for 5th round)/Pittman (for 9th round)

10 team ppr superflex

Can keep either Burrow for a fifth round pick
or Michael Pittman for a ninth round pick

Leaning towards Burrow because of the superflex but torn.


With 10 teams, the Superflex isn’t as big of a concern as it would be with 12 teams, and I think you’re getting a little more value with Pittman, so I’d probably go there–but Burrow wouldn’t be a horrible choice either.


Not a lot to add here. I’m super high on Pittman this year, have him as WR#4 overall. I think you get excellent value there.

But in an SFLEX, the question is how many top QBs will end up on the draft board. By keeping a WR, you’d put some pressure on yourself to get top QBs and RBs early.

If you kept Burrow, you’d be able to go QB-RB-RB and still get Pittman back in the 4th. Might give you the better overall result.