3-Keeper 1/2-PPR League: Chose 3

I have 2 first- and 2 second-round picks via 2020 trades; need to choose 3 keepers (which will replace the 2021 draft picks as listed)…

  • Lamar Jackson (replaces 2021 7th round pick)
  • Jonathan Taylor (2nd round)
  • Antonio Gibson (8th round)
  • Diontae Johnson (7th round)
  • Courtland Sutton (3rd round)
  • Jalen Hurts (last round - free agent pick-up in 2020)
  • DJ Chark (14th round)

Pick 3 keepers for me …. right now I’m keeping the first 3 but let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

The first three sounds reasonable to me too.

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