2023 next season keepers

Allowed to keep three players. Who should I keep for next season

Davante adams
Cooper kupp
Ceedee lamb
Travis etienne
Kenneth walker
Breeze hall

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I would eliminate Adams and Kupp because of a doubtful future after this season and maybe this season as well.

I’m taking Lamb, Etienne and Hall with Walker a very close #4.

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Welcome aboard!

You have a really good problem there! Let’s start with tossing out some guys…

First, Cooper Kupp. The potential is sky high, but also floor low, as he’s coming back from an injury, plus he is getting older.

Second, Davante Adams. If you MUST pick your keepers now, then I have to drop Adams now. Sure, he can do well with any QB, but the Raiders may just have ANY QB next season. And Adams isn’t getting younger.

Third, Breece Hall. If this were a dynasty league, I’d be keeping him. But in a 3-keeper league, he will probably be less effective at the start of next year due to his injury this year. He’ll be solid by the playoffs next year, but you may be out of them if you have to rely on him to get you there.

That leaves Ceedee Lamb, Travis Etienne, and Kenny Walker. That’s a solid foundation for your team next year.

agreed, but if you switched Hall w/Walker I would somewhat understand as well. While I think Hall will be just fine next year, sometimes you just never know if he is going to be that same player. I think he will be the better fantasy player overall (esp in PPR), but just maybe not next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are cautious w/him for a while next year and really let him get comfortable both physically and mentally. With Walker, we know healthy and primed to go off next year.

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You and I are in complete agreement on Hall for next year. If it was dynasty, I’d say hold onto him, good days are ahead. But in keeper formats, you are limited by how many you can keep. Walker will get you production early, and all season long. With Hall, you’ll need to wait for the good stuff.

This does present another opportunity: You might be able to trade for Hall mid-season in keeper leagues. Somebody will draft him, expecting “rookie Breece Hall”, only to get a Yugo with one flat tire. You’ll need to watch Hall closely, to see if he is getting more comfortable running. But you will also need to jump before his breakout week.

My understanding, for now, is that Hall’s injury was not as severe as others like Dobbins, Akers and Williams. We shall see by camp.

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The problem with torn ACL’s is more psychological than health. They have to be mentally comfortable with making their cuts on that previously damaged knee. That takes time.

One of the trademarks of Hall’s running style is his ability to read his blocks and cut quickly into the hole. Will his mind let his knee do what it wants? It won’t be right away, but it will in time.

This is true, I am an Athletic Trainer and being mentally ready is honestly the last aspect of getting fully cleared. You never know because each athlete can be different. I have rehabbed several ACLs in my career and I have seen them go both ways. Sometimes people just need more time to get comfortable with live game play, and as a medical professional all you can do is be patient and let them work at their own pace. you can’t force them to get back in if they don’t want to.

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Yeah a lot of those additional injuries like MCL/meniscus etc don’t typically influence the recovery or timelines. The ACL is the one that takes the longest to get ready for from a healing and rehab standpoint. Typically from an MCL or meniscus injury you are looking at a max of about 3 months and that is the more severe type of injury.

I referred to medical opinions on overall severity and chances of it being career threatening from PFF, a S&G Prof at UM, and two physical therapy managers I know. Mental aspect is of utmost importance but for athletes this is all they have known and their lives and future. They will push it with few exceptions as it is who you are. Just my view.

Yeah definitely, Typically if you are making millions of dollars you are going to give it your all. Most athletes in general want to get back out there and compete, it is just there nature but sometimes it just takes them more time. Again, I think Hall will be just fine as long as he has a good medical staff, but we shall see.